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Kristina Trowbridge, CTC, MCC, DS

I turn Dreams into Memories
I was born and raised in Sweden, where I earned my Bachelor's degree in Latin & the Humanities.
I worked as a governess for the French Consul in Madrid before coming to the USA on my first "cruise",
the Swedish America Line m/s Gripsholm from Gothenburg.
I have been in the travel business more than 25 years.
I started in the first female class of pursers for TWA on transatlantic routes.

Kristina is your safari specialis
President of the Pacific Northwest APTA 

Certified Travel Counselor, Master Cruise Counselor & Destination Specialist
I am certified by The Travel Institute and Cruise Lines International Association
I have been awarded Destination Specialty certificates & awards
by the national tourist boards of Africa including Botswana,
Kenya, Tanzania, Cape Town & South Africa

I specialize in arranging Safaris, Personalized Family Vacations & Honeymoons
I love Family and Friends reunion groups.  
I have traveled extensively in Africa
Customer Service is my primary strength.

I sell Memories

My Specialized Training 

Rovos Rail

Africa Specialist

An Affordable African Vacation with the Family... Safari with the Big Five...
A Honeymoon Celebration in a Secluded Tented Camp... The Pursuit of the Ultimate Dream Destination. You�ll Find It All in Southern and East Africa. First-time and returning visitors alike find that this land of improbable beauty and incomparable depths touches their hearts and their souls, leaving them forever changed.


Chobe Safari 

Botswana Travel Specialist

Discover the beauty of Botswana, the �Jewel of Africa� Botswana Tourism Board�s educational series includes the geography, culture and attractions, a wide range of travel experiences, from rustic to luxury; accommodations, including city hotels and motels and game reserve lodges, and adventure travel opportunities, featuring safaris, bird watching, wildlife and more. The Botswana Tourism Board and its partners helped me to boost my product knowledge by becoming a Botswana Travel Specialist. 


Egypt Specialist

I received my Egypt Specialist Certificate during the Egypt OSSN International Conference 2002 from the Egypt Minister of Tourism, Dr. Mamdouh El Beltagy that designates me as an Egypt Specialist. During the farewell Gala Dinner evening, Dr. Mamdouh El Beltagy's words of welcome also relayed the need of understanding of each others� culture and the desire to promote peace across international boundaries. Egyptian Press was on hand to cover this finale dinner to highlight the role of US travel agents as Ambassadors to tourism to Egypt.

See my pictures here

Kenya Authorized Travel Specialist (KATS) agent

Safari is a Swahili word that originated in Kenya that means "journey." Of all the countries in Africa, none can rival the sheer range of Kenyan travel safaris for visitors including wildlife, scenic, cultural, beach, adventure, sports and special interest travel. Kenya offers 48 national parks and reserves, including marine parks, combined with hundreds of private sanctuaries and game ranches. Kenya is the original home of the safari. Magical Kenya: Experience a different safari every day.

Master Kenya Authorized Travel Specialist (KATS) agent

A Master KATS specialist must have taken an officially-sanctioned Kenya Tourist Board study tour in Kenya of a minimum seven days. 


Cape Town Specialist

Discover the many wonders of Cape Town, South Africa. Not many destinations can please as many different types of travelers as Cape Town. I learned about Cape Town�s long history and landmarks; top attractions, accommodations, daily activities in and around Cape Town and the benefits of visiting Cape Town during its �special season,� between May and September. I also learned about tour operators who handle travel to and from this unique and growing travel destination. The fact that English is one of the nation�s official languages and thanks to its near-perfect climate (similar to that of southern California), its myriad and varied attractions and the value it offers to foreign travelers, makes Cape Town a perfect destination. The time has never been better to explore the wonders of Cape Town.

South Africa Fundi Expert

 A comprehensively designed destination specialist training course developed by South African Tourism to help travel professionals learn about and sell South Africa more effectively. Fundi means "expert" in the Nguni languages that are widely spoken in  South Africa. As a Fundi expert I have passed this specialist course on South Africa administered by the SAT, which means that I have a very good, in depth and first hand knowledge of travel and tourism in South Africa. I travel to South Africa on a yearly basis to keep up my knowledge. I am confident that you will get sound advice and great service from me.

ctclogo.jpg (10355 bytes)

Certified Travel Counsellor

The Institute of Certified Travel Agents, ICTA, is an educational organization dedicated to raising the level of professionalism in the travel industry by providing certification and training programs to travel agents and related industry personnel. ICTA's hallmark program is its Certified Travel Counsellor, the CTC certification program for front-line counsellors, agency owners and managers, and those who work with or sell to travel agents. 

Master Cruise Counsellor

When it comes to cruising, CLIA's  certified Master Cruise Counsellors are the experts. CLIA's most comprehensive training is the Cruise Counsellor Master Certification Program, which requires agents with 5 years experience in the travel industry to successfully complete a number of compulsory training courses and exams, attend cruise conferences, Management and Sales Institutes, classroom training, and conduct ship inspections. If you're looking for the perfect cruise for you, it pays to talk to an expert. The cruise industry is proud to recognize Master & Accredited Cruise Counsellor graduates as the consumer's most knowledgeable source of cruise vacation information and recommends them highly to prospective cruisers. They have toured numerous ships and have first hand cruise experience on a variety of cruise lines. Working with a knowledgeable travel agent who understands the type of cruise vacation you are looking for is your first step to the most memorable cruise vacation of your life.

Accredited Cruise Counsellor

The ACC, Accredited Cruise Counsellor designation is conferred by Cruise Lines International Association, CLIA upon dedicated travel professionals, who have completed an extensive program of classroom training, cruise experience, ship inspections, and a combination of video training and attendance at industry events. A CLIA Certified Cruise Counsellor is your best resource in choosing a perfect vacation. 


Africa Destination Specialist
Alaska Destination Specialist
Caribbean Destination Specialist
St. Lucia Destination Specialist
South Pacific Destination Specialist
Western Europe Destination Specialist

ICTA's Destination Specialist programs provide travel agents with destination expertise, travel planning information and unique regional highlights and features. Each course is designed to cover a region, country, or topic of expertise.

ICTA endorses many programs designed by tourist boards and travel suppliers. All of the following programs are endorsed by ICTA.

Dive Travel Specialist

I was certified to sell Dive Travel by PADI's specialist course for travel agents called the Secrets of Selling Dive Travel, co-sponsored by PADI International Resort Association and the Cayman Islands Tourist Board. PADI's mission statement "We Want to Teach the World to Scuba Dive" is consistent with my premise "I can get you there". 

Spa Specialist

I took the Spa Specialist course designed for travel agents by ISPA, the only organization dedicated to spa education. ISPA represents a vast majority of domestic and international spas, geared toward education and services in the spa industry. ISPA is recognized worldwide as the professional organization and voice of the spa industry, representing more than 1,800 health and wellness facilities from resort/hotels, destination spas, mineral springs, medical, cruise ship, club and day spas to service providers such as physicians, wellness instructors, nutritionists, massage therapists and product suppliers. ISPA is committed to forming and maintaining alliances that will educate, set standards, provide resources, influence policy and build coalitions for the industry. ISPA's vision is to revitalize humanity and its mission is to educate the public about the value of the spa experience and engage its participation. ISPA promotes and defines the spa experience as "your time to relax, reflect, revitalize and rejoice."

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