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Safari decision making can be very confusing and requesting a private tour package with the different operators involved, coordinating logistics and availability takes more time than you may imagine.

The costs of a group safari may be very similar and in some cases exceed the private customized safari arrangements


  • Shared vehicles do not offer the flexibility as to the schedule, which is preset by somebody else
  • You may end up in a middle seat between people you canít stand
  • The perceived safety of being in a larger group is a myth
  • Youíre much less likely to experience the local people and their culture as you talk amongst yourselves


  • Private vehicles offer opportunity for you to decide when to stop and how long to watch lions, elephants, etc, without compromising anyone else
  • You will have a chance to get to know the local culture better and make a new friend in your driver / guide
  • Space in vehicle to carry luggage and sit comfortably - lay down if needed.
  • Itinerary of your choice
  • Staying at camps in parks that you selected at a pace that you dictated

Therefore, let Ultimate African Safaris agents arrange a customized safari for you or your group of friends. This type of arrangement allows you, the traveler to go where you want, when you want and not be bound by the structure of an organized set departure date tour. I can help you plan your independent vacation if you are a traveler who enjoys unique travel experiences, active "soft adventure" travel and an opportunity to explore the culture of the destinations on your own. In East Africa you can do a private safari for just the two of you for about the same price as a package. With a private trip, you customize the itinerary exactly as you wish. The major benefit of a custom safari is not having to share a vehicle with a LOT of people and being able to go and look for exactly what you have an interest in seeing with without having to compromise with the others. If you're on a private driving safari (or driving one way and flying back), you'll most likely use the same vehicle and guide throughout the entire safari which will provide both your transportation between parks and your game drives. You'll be in locations and camps/tents/lodges at night with other people and have a chance to socialize with a larger group then if you wish.

Key features for why you should use Ultimate African Safaris to plan your safari are:

  • Experience and knowledge by someone who has been there!
  • Your Ultimate African Safaris agent does all of those connections that you will correctly conclude can be difficult to do by yourself.
  • Ultimate African Safaris will provide as much or as little help as you wish with your pre-planned itineraries to the most popular destinations in Africa with optional special consolidator airfares, modular products including 2 night starter packages to major camps in all African countries, optional extensions on famous trains, diving and island stopovers.
  • Once met at the airport by your guide, you don't have to worry about anything for the rest of your safari.


Itís time to relax - it is fabulous!



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